Personal Income Tax

The foundation of our entire tax practice is people: our clients and our staff. Income tax compliance is how it all started. Today we assist individuals and their families (up to 4 generations) with their personal income planning and compliance needs. Our practice has grown to include clients in more than half of the United States and includes several non-resident individuals as well. Consequently, we are well suited to assist you wherever you reside or if you have multi-state business or personal filing requirements.
Tax compliance drives many of the long term planning needs of clients. We have been fortunate to help families, not just people. We have had to develop knowledge and expertise in a broad range of personal and financial matters: from the mundane, e.g., payroll taxes for household help, to such exotic areas as estate taxation of non-US citizens or creating qualified personal residence trusts. Understanding personal needs is fundamental to assisting our clients and their other advisors plan for the future.

Why use Russell, Brier & Co. LLP? . Would you buy a puzzle from someone who created it, but never had to assemble the pieces? Much of what we do requires us to put the pieces together from the bottom up. The big picture is understandable because we understand its composition.