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Estate Tax Planning

Our transfer tax planning and compliance practice developed as a direct result of our significant involvement with individual and family financial planning and income tax matters. As accountants and tax compliance professionals, were are particularly well suited to handle the difficult and often confusing issues that arise when a death occurs in the family.

While tax savings is fundamental to all areas of tax compliance, often the most critical area of planning involves non-tax issues. Questions about whether a surviving spouse will be cared for or protected from subsequent events, whether a daughter will meet the “right” man, or whether a happy-go-lucky son will survive an impetuous spending spree are among a substantial number of issues that need to be discussed and considered in any transfer program. We take the time to discuss these issues within the context of plan design, all the while putting the issues in the perspective of the potential savings and/or cost of a particular choice.

The impact of transfer taxes can be quite severe, particularly when documents have not been carefully considered. Walter & Shuffain does not draft estate instruments. Significantly, this puts us in the enviable position of having worked with a variety of estate documents, often providing guidance in areas that may not have been properly thought out in the first instance. Accordingly, our tax compliance work has made us particularly well suited to assist you and/or your legal counsel with the planning process.

No discussion of tax planning is complete without considering the potential of charitable giving. We are well versed in the multitude of charitable vehicles that can give rise to substantial tax savings, often at minimal cost, while also providing for the betterment of society as a whole.