In 1932, C. Earl Russell, who had been working with the investment firm of Lee Higginson, decided to chart his own course. Earl saw that the people he had been working with, as well as their clients, were in need of basic tax compliance services. Furthermore, he saw the need and had the foresight to understand that many individuals and their families required more than the tax compliance and the investment assistance services they had been receiving. They needed someone who could guide them into the future. C. Earl Russell embarked on a career that focused on families’ needs and has continued that endeavor to this day!

Over the years, Earl joined forces with many capable and experienced individuals. A long association with Harold Powderly started in 1934; it was to last almost 40 years. In the late 40’s Philip Brier, a CPA and attorney became a partner with Earl & Harold; Jim Love, bringing years of experience from Price Waterhouse, joined them in the fifties. In the late 1960’s, although already operating as full-fledged pubic accounting providers, the firm of Hartshorn and Walter was acquired adding significant audit experience, particularly in the not-for-profit area. Russell, Brier & Co. offered a full venue of tax compliance and planning, small business audit and accounting expertise and fiduciary services for the many clients that had grown with Earl and his partners and staff over the years.

Today, Russell, Brier & Co. LLP continues the tradition of full service, client oriented Certified Public Accountants first envisioned by Earl and developed by many loyal, dedicated and experienced individuals throughout its 70+ years of operations. We pay tribute to Earl who passed away in March 2006. We are dedicated to continuing that tradition and look forward to assisting you, our clients and friends, with the highest level of knowledge and dedication that you deserve.